At Edgewater Insurance and Real Estate we value our customers. With our experience and professional ability we help determine the most effective and efficient farm management practices for your needs. As a result we build strong personal relationships with each of our customers.


We know how to operate a farm for maximum production and profit.


Take a look at some of the properties we have for sale.

Edgewater Insurance and Real Estate originated in Osceola, Nebraska over 50 years ago.

Since this time we have expanded our operations to include agencies in Lincoln, Grand Island, McCook, Columbus, Lexington, Benkelman, Hayes Center, Loomis, Ogallala, Osceola, Palmer, Shelby, Verdigre and Wallace, Nebraska.


“With his farming background, experience and knowledge, Boyd was able to establish a good working relationship with our farm operators. He created a marketing plan that provided for the highest return for the sale of the crops and he helped me understand and deal with the USDA Farm Programs.”

— Owner with land in Kearney and Lancaster Counties

“Steve Manning has managed our farm for 38 years. Smart, business savvy and personable. He has been instrumental in increasing our corn yield and profits.”

— Adam County Land Owner

“My mom loves Derek. She just received the most recent statement, and saw that he got Joe to pay for the hay. I think she finally figured out what Edgewater does for us. She no longer has to run around counting hay bales or worry about paying all of the bills on the farm.”

— Howard County Land Owner